Chuck + Nora + Wedding Love

A wedding post is a little out of the ordinary, for this blog, but because I shared this post, from last year, here, it only made sense to share this one here, as well.
***Before you ask, no, I am not now photographing weddings. This was a very special exception/occasion.
However, if I ever got into it, this is the kind of wedding celebration that I would be ever so happy to capture.
Nora and Chuck hosted a celebration of their love with simplicity, family, close friends, and authenticity.
It was in the air, in the minimal but thoughtful details, the food, the music, the laughter, the colour, the mood, the ease, the setting, the people.
I have known Nora for I think almost 30 years, making ours one of my longest friendships after moving to Cincinnati, about that long ago.
We have seen each other go through life’s ups and downs, and grow through it all. To have seen her and Chuck find each other, take time to know each other, and now, come full circle to create this new life together as one new, big family, makes my heart swell.

Here are a ‘few’ (I never know how to do just a few) moments from their beautiful day of celebration.

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The Venue Karen & Linford Detweiler of Nowhere Farm & Nowhere Else
Catering Todd Hudson of Wildflower Cafe
Dessert Joe/Patrizia Casagrande of Cucina Della Patrizia
Florals Justin Pirnie of Zinzinnati 
Music Monte Lykins
Barista Justin Dunn of Redtree Art Gallery & Coffee Shop
Officiant Jill Gibboney
Hair Terri Smith of True Colors Salon
Make Up of Linda Coe
Coordinators Rebecca Haas/Amy Wilfert/Gary Warden/Sally Arthur


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