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I gave a teaser earlier this year, through 513{eats}, about holding a Natural Light Food Photography Workshop, and now, I’m thrilled to share that it’s not a teaser any longer, but that it’s happening…next month.
This past year has been filled with some pretty incredible experiences, among them, shooting and producing four 513{eats} magazines, editorial assignments for other magazines, and hanging out in the very best of kitchens watching, learning, shooting and of course, tasting the finished dishes.
My goal through all of it, was to tell visual stories about people and food in a beautiful, engaging and enticing manner. Through this workshop, I’m happy to share my thoughts and approaches with you.

Natural Light Food Photography Workshop ~ on May 11th

For now, let me tell you about this first workshop…
**Although this workshop is called Food Photography Workshop {the basics} – this is NOT a Photography 101 class. I know some pretty amazing photographers who offer that course and I would be more than happy to pass their names and information on to anyone looking for/needing that before joining in on this workshop.
 To enroll in this digital natural light food photography workshop, you need to already have an understanding of your own camera and it’s manual functions. You do not need to be a professional photographer or own the latest, most expensive camera equipment to take this workshop. This workshop is perfect for anyone (food bloggers, food writers, hobbyists, amateurs) wanting to learn to improve the quality of their images and/or how to approach, set up, style and make beautiful images of food using natural light in the simplest of settings. I create many of my food images in the dining room of my own home with simple props and basic equipment, and you can too. 
My goal for this {basics} workshop is to share with you my approach along with the components of creating beautiful photographs of food that you can take with you, continue to practice with and use to create enticing images to grab your reader’s/client’s attention on your own websites, blogs or personal projects. Let’s be honest, it’s the visuals that grab your audiences attention before anything else, so strive to make engaging imagery to hold your reader’s/client’s attention so that they keep coming back for more.

You will need to bring your digital camera and it’s manual, extra charged batteries (just in case), additional lenses (if any), a tripod (very helpful, if you have one), a laptop (with all necessary cords) with your editing software, and cards/card reader as this is a hands on workshop. You will be shooting and uploading your images.

Topics we will cover:

What makes a good {food} photograph:
Slideshow of imagery for discussion.
The thought process behind a food shoot – purpose/theme/color palette/mood
Choosing backgrounds, props and styling simply (and the importance of not over-styling)
How to see and find light as well as understanding the differences in the qualities of light.
Ways to light your food.
How to manipulate light with simple and affordable materials.
How your manual settings play an important role in the artistic choices you make in creating an image as well as understanding when and why to make certain choices.
Camera Angles
Hands on shooting with foods/props and specific exercises to practice.
There will be beautiful foods for you to photograph along with plenty of props on hand for use to practice some of what we will cover.
Post Production:
I’ll walk you through some of my basic editing as well as share some examples on how I marry imagery and design for interest and impact.
You will upload and choose your favorite images and we’ll share with a show and tell of everyone’s images from the day.
I’m here to share with you and you’re here because you want to learn, so don’t be shy. Ask away, I’ll do my very best to answer anything and everything to the best of my ability.

Marti Heard of Marti’s Floral Design has graciously opened up her uber creative, colorful, and beautifully styled studio at 915 Monmouth for this workshop. You can take a peek at the studio right here.  You will immediately see a plethora of fabulous surfaces as well as beautiful light that will be available for us.
I’m also so excited that eat well celebrations and feasts will be catering our lunch as well as a light breakfast offering while we’re getting settled in. There will be no shortage of beautiful, delicious food. Thank you Chef Renee Schuler!
** If you have special dietary needs or severe food allergies, you may want to consider bringing your own snacks and lunch, just to be on the safe side. Regardless, please let me know.
Seats are limited. Full workshop fee is due at time of booking and reserves your spot.
Please know the workshop fee is non-refundable. If something comes up and you must cancel, you will be responsible for finding someone to replace your seat. Should there be a wait list, I will also help with finding a replacement.

Email me at with any questions.

Date: May 11, 2013
Time: 9:00am-4pm
Location: 915 Monmouth, Newport, Kentucky
Cost: $295 per person SOLD OUT

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