A Cleanse + Golden Turmeric Power Brunch

Who says being on a cleanse needs to be uninspiring & flavorless, says this anything but boring turmeric fried egg over roasted turmeric, ginger, cardamon, herb, tahini sweet potato fries, and a hot, frothy cup of golden milk brunch!
Sweet thanks to both Bon Appetit for the turmeric egg inspiration from your February print issue, and to Ashley of Edible Perspective for the Tahini Honey Sweet Potato Fries recipe.
Click the respective links for recipes.
Read below about the ‘Cleanse.’

So, a cleanse. There’s just as many variations of this as probably anything else. The cleanse that I have worked out more resembles an elimination diet (I greatly dislike using the word ‘diet’) than perhaps the straight up liquid kind that you may be thinking of. Personally, I believe in eating real food. We all know, or should know by now, that real food heals, real food is what our bodies need and crave. Real food is what we should strive for daily, cleanse or not. For anyone who may be interested in what my cleanse looks like, here is it:

No meat
No processed anything
No dairy (that means cheese, and I know this is a tough one)
No sugar – other than naturally occurring in fruits and honey
No caffeine
No gluten
No pasta or starchy look alikes
No bread (the hardest for me with the necessary pound of butter to go along with it)

Yes to whole, natural, as organic as you can go, real foods
Yes to the rainbow of veggies (sautéed, roasted, steamed, raw)
Yes to fruits, though don’t go crazy, they’re still sugar packed to your body’s language
Yes to proteins like eggs, avo, wild caught salmon and canned sardines and tuna
Yes to evoo & coconut oil
Yes to whole, in the husk black pearl barely – my choice of grain
Yes to Ezekiel bread (for your natural nut butters, for garlicky lemony herb croutons for your soups)
Yes to all the herbs & spices
Yes to all kinds of soups (add your creamy fix with coconut milk)
Yes to nut milks, natural and unsweetened of course.
Yes to home made trail mixes and energy balls
Yes to herbal teas, matcha teas, and golden milks
Yes to juicing greens
Yes to green smoothies
Yes to daily vitamins & supplements, pro & pre-biotics
Yes to moving your body everyday – preferably outside, in nature
Yes to a little quiet time everyday

The KEY TO SUCCESS is to be organized and prepared before beginning.
That means, even if only for one week or six weeks, clear out your fridge, your pantry, and any hiding places of ANYTHING that’s not on your CLEAN EATING LIST.
Do some research prior to beginning and find recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks that you LOVE and that you know you can and will prepare…aka Pinterest.
Keep it SIMPLE.
Make yourself a helpful little meal schedule, so you know what you’re eating, and when.
Shop and stock up on all your ingredients to have on hand.
I do mine a week at a time.

There you have it.
OK. 10 days in and on to 32 more body healing, happy, healthy, energetic, clear headed, sleeping soundly days!

*Be sure to check in with yourself, your health status, and possibly even your health care provider before jumping in to any type of cleanse. #besensible


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