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My copy of the winter edition of Where Women Cook Magazine arrived in the mail today. Not only was I excited to see the story I photographed of the beautiful and talented architect turned master cake designer, Ileana Saldivia, of Sugar Realm, but, there was something else between the pages that made me smile a little extra, too.
There is a new column in the magazine named SEASON TO TASTE, and it’s mine.

When Jo Packham, the powerhouse behind the Where Women Cook/Create/Create Business Magazines, contacted me earlier this year after an introduction via Lisa Ballardafter looking through my portfolios – and asked if I would be interested in being a traveling companion (regular contributor) to her magazines photographing women creatives in my region and beyond, and, after looking through all (every page of) my work in the 513{eats} magazines, asked if I’d be interested in sharing my imagery and designs from my pages with her readers, in her publications, on her pages, on a national level – well, naturally, I said YES & YES.
Thank you very much.


This is the first of the 4 Season to Taste Quarterly Columns for the upcoming year, and I am thrilled.

Logo Design Lisa Ballard
Logo Name SB Weathersby (Thank you Dear)



SeasonToTaste_WWK1214-1 SeasonToTaste_WWK1214-2 SeasonToTaste_WWK1214-3


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