Lesson 1 Your Story/Your Style: The thought process behind a food shoot – storyboards/purpose/theme/color palette/mood and your style of storytelling.
Lesson 2 Natural Light: How to see and find light as well as understanding the differences in the qualities of light.
Lesson 3 Modifying Light: How to manipulate light with simple and affordable materials.
Lesson 4 Technical Camera Considerations (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance): How your manual settings play an important role in the artistic choices you make in creating an image as well as understanding when and why to make certain choices.
Lesson 5 Camera Shooting Considerations (Lens Selection, Camera Angles, Lighting Directions)
Lesson 6 The Story
Lesson 7 Creating Your Shot List
Lesson 8 Artistic Considerations- Part One (Light, A Sense of Place, Composition, Color, Emotion)
Lesson 9 Artistic Considerations- Part Two (Props and Set Styling) Choosing backgrounds, props and styling simply (and the importance of not over-styling).
Lesson 10 Artistic Considerations- Part Three (Food Styling)
Lesson 11 Being Prepared to Shoot/Live Video Shoot
Lesson 12 Post Processing: I’ll walk you through some of my basic editing via screen recording.
Lesson 13 Assembling your Visual Story: How I marry imagery and design for interest and impact for strong storytelling.
Lesson 14 Getting Inspired, Staying Inspired and Working your Craft
Bonus Optional Assignment